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Day Camps: Explore, Build and Create


  • Posted: February 2nd, 2011

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    By: ActivityTree

    Looking for a way to avoid hearing “Mom I’m Bored” this summer?  Help your kids keep active, discover new interests, build rather than lose skills and create new relationships at day camp. These days, there are day camps available for preschoolers and school age children in every area you can think of, from science and sports, to dance and drama.  Whether you choose a specialty camp or multi-activity program, day camps offer many benefits both socially and physically.

    Hone Their Skills at a Specialty Day Camp
    Many day camps specialize in a certain sport or area of interest.  These camps are perfect if your child has already developed an interest and is eager to improve their skills.  Specialty camps are definitely not limited to sports, you can find camps for children who are interested in art, science, dance, music, drama among other areas.  Specialty camps can also be a great way to introduce your child to a completely new interest.  Try circus camp, fencing camp, horse camp, or chess camp. If you can think of it, there is probably a camp for it.  Specialty camps are offered by kid’s activity provides, sports associations, coaches, universities, parks and recreation departments and many others.
    Because specialty camps feature instruction from people skilled in the particular area and focus skill development and activities on the particular sport or interest, they provide your child a unique opportunity to immerse themselves and improve their skills quickly.  While specialty camps can be a bit more serious, they still offer a great opportunity for your child to meet new friends who share their interests.

    Variety is the Spice of Life…and Day Camp!
    In contrast to specialty camps, general day camps feature a variety of activities during a one week, or a whole summer long program.   General day camps are typically offered by private schools, parks and recreation, day cares, churches and YMCA’s.  Many general day camp programs include arts and crafts, science, games, skits and songs, sports, swimming and weekly off-site field trips.  The atmosphere is structured, but very social, allowing kids to meet new peers and forge new friendships.
    There is often an academic component to these programs which can help ensure you child does not experience learning loss over the summer.  Children are kept very active and typically have outdoor play each day, weather permitting.   In addition, general day camps tend to be more flexible for working parents.

    Whether you chose a specialty day camp or a general day camp, you are sure to keep your kids active and engaged over the summer months. can help you find a camp that fits your needs and also offers kids camp scholarships to help make summer camp more affordable this year.

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