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Best Music Apps for Kids


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    Being physically active is always a priority, but there are times when your kids are going to use a smart phone or tablet to pass the time. Selecting educational Apps can ensure this time is used to keep their minds active. Music Apps are a great opportunity to expand your child’s mind while they are “playing” on your phone.

    Here are my picks for Best Music Apps for Kids age 8 and under:

    Perfect Pitch Piano - Top PickTop Pick

    There are a host of Apps out there that simulate piano playing or help teach a child to read music. If your child is already at that stage, I encourage you to try a piano teaching App. My 7 year old is just starting to experiment with the piano and needs to build a little confidence before she tries to read music. Perfect Pitch Piano was ideal for her. The program trains children to play by ear.  They simply replay a series of progressively complex note combinations. Before they know it, they are playing a song! Even better, they are learning the relationship between the notes and how to correct a mistake when they hear it. A huge confidence builder for a child that is intimidated by sheet music. iTunes® reviews – 4 out of 5 stars.

    Perfect Pitch Piano

    App Store  

    Music Sparkles

    While this App will not teach your child to read music or play a particular instrument, it is wonderful for developing music appreciation. Perhaps as important, it encourages children to create their own tune. The App offers the child the opportunity to select a xylophone or drums as a primary instrument and a guitar, drums, bango, drums or piano accompaniment. The base App is Free. A package of additional primary instruments, including guitar, piano, harmonica, recorder and harp are available through a $2.99 in App purchase. iTunes reviews - 4 out of 5 stars.

    Music Sparkles


    App Store  

    Pluto Learns Piano

    This App also takes a different approach to teaching children about music. It makes playing a game of it. Pluto the penguin glides through the icy water and your child’s job is to steer him toward the right notes. While the notes are labeled (e.g. “C”, “A”, “F#”), I question whether your child will actually learn notes playing this game. However, there is an opportunity for your child to play the song on the piano after the game is complete. I included this App on my list, because it definitely provides a fun opportunity to introduce your child to some of the classics in a way that will ensure their familiarity with the songs. The Free Starter Songs package includes Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and the Classical Classical Colleciton ($1.99) includes Bach, Boccherini and Beethoven.  iTunes reviews – 4 out of 5 stars.

    Pluto Learns Piano


    App Store  

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