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Henderson, NV Martial Arts Provider

Henderson Aikido
Henderson Location

671 Middlegate Road
Suite C
Henderson, NV 89011
Phone: 702-719-1177

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About this Martial Arts Provider

Henderson Aikido provides classes for adults, teens, and children in Henderson, Nevada. Classes are not segregated and have people of different sizes, age groups, and gender all training Aikido in an enjoyable and focused environment. Beginners and visitors are always welcome! Mission Statement Henderson Aikido strives to provide a safe environment for all students to learn and grow. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality Aikido instruction and helping people grow not only in Aikido, but also in life. We will maintain and nurture at all times the seven pillars of Budo: courage, benevolence, integrity, courtesy, honesty, loyalty, and honor. Objectives • To provide an environment that promotes health and the well being of all who train • Allow all students to perform to the best of their ability • Cultivate an atmosphere free from competition, ego or politics

Ages: All Ages (All Skill Levels)
Class Size: 30
Available: 30
Day(s): Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat
Time: 05:10 PM - 05:55 PM

  • Martial Arts Kids Activity or Camp Details - #124183

    Children 5-15 years old enjoy a fun, non-combative environment. The art of Aikido helps children focus, learn discipline, and has numerous physical fitness advantages. Classes use martial games, group activities, solo practices and partner practices to reinforce the marital art of Aikido. We strive to provide a fun learning environment where your children can grow and have a sense of accomplishment by gaining rank, responsibility and sharing their experience with other children in class. Children work toward being responsible, respectful individuals who know how to defend or escape a bully, handle stress, and react to situations without violence. • Physical skills include; increased fitness levels, situational awareness, tumbling, balance, coordination, flexibility, centering, and dexterity. • Mental and social skills include; how to handle bullies, stress, time management, following directions, and focusing practices. Membership is monthly, with an open membership schedule. Open membership means, students may attend any class or regular event in the children's program. Children's memberships start at $65.00.



  • Required Equipment

    No required equipment. Gi (uniform), or sweatpants and a t-shirt recommended.

  • Requirements
    1. Signed waiver required for all participants.
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