Benefits of Skiing and Snowboarding


  • Humans weren’t meant to hibernate! Help your kids learn to embrace winter by giving them the opportunity to learn to ski or snowboard. What other activities allow them to enjoy the crisp, winter air while gliding down a snow-covered mountainside or freshly snow dusted hill? Not many!

    When Can Kids Start?
    Once children overcome their fears of the cold and snow they’re more likely to stay active and healthier all year long! Fortunately, kids can learn to ski and snowboard at a very young age. Most instructional courses are offered to children as young as 4 years old. Racing classes are usually open to kids 7 years and older. 

    Increase Muscle Tone & Improve Balance
    Simply staying upright on skis and snowboards requires using several muscle groups, particularly those in the core area that are essential stabilizers. Cruising down a hill or half-pipe engages the body even more.

    Colder Weather = More Calories Burned
    Even more reason to get them excited about skiing and snowboarding: partaking in cold weather activities burns even more calories than comparable warm weather sports. Why? Because your body requires more energy to warm the cold air you’re breathing.

    Boost Confidence
    Your child will have confidence galore after mastering the bunny hill and progressing on to their first black diamond. Your little Betty will glow with pride after grinding her first halfpipe and eventually nailing an ollie.

    Skiing and snowboarding allow kids of all ages to enjoy fresh air and a fresh outlook on wintertime fun. And they won’t even realize they’re staying healthy at the same time!

    January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month! Visit to see a complete listing of discounts available on ski and snowboard lessons in January.

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