Benefits of Dance for Kids – Fitness, Expression and Discipline


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    Dance is an excellent way for your child to stay active and healthy. In addition, dance develops discipline and offers children a creative means for expressing their emotions, an opportunity that is not offered through general academics or athletics. 

    Perfect Even for Tiny Ballerinas
    Young children have a natural appreciation for music and dancing.  Dance offers an excellent opportunity to explore their interest and develop confidence as they perform at center stage. And, more than typical structured sports programs, it is safe to dance at a young age. Your child will enjoy twirling and jumping away all their extra energy.

    Builds Strong, Healthy Bodies
    Dancing helps children build strong, healthy bodies by improving overall fitness, strength, and flexibility. It is a very physical activity and can burn as many calories as swimming or biking. A half hour of dance burns 200-400 calories!  In addition, dance builds muscle strength as it requires controlled movements which demand a dancer to resist his or her own body weight for sustained periods of time. Leaping and jumping are both great ways to strengthen young legs.  Finally, dance enhances flexibility through stretching and movement. 

    In fact, dance techniques are used to train professional athletes. Dance helps athletes develop and strengthen smaller muscle groups to better avoid injury. In addition, improved ankle and foot flexibility gained from dance boosts an athlete’s agility on the field or court.

    An Appropriate Emotional Outlet
    Children often struggle to understand and express their emotions in an appropriate manner.  Through dance and creative movement, a child is taught to move like they are “excited” or “angry”.  As they get older kids learn they can use dance as a non-verbal means of expressing how they feel.  At every stage, dance offers children an effective outlet and helps them manage their emotions.  Dance also offers children a way to gain praise for expressing themselves.  Of course, the praise a child receives for expressing themselves leads to greater self esteem and confidence in all aspects of the child’s life.

    Developing Discipline
    As children grow and continue their involvement in dance, they also learn the importance of discipline.  Older dancers practice several times per week and must perform the same skills repeatedly to master the proper movement and form.  Through dance, students learn first-hand the importance of hard work and persistence.

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