Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids – Physical, Mental and Emotional Discipline


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    Kick Your Way to a Strong Body
    Training in judo, kickboxing, karate, tae kwon do, kung fu, and other styles of martial arts include calisthenics, kicking, punching and stabilizing of the body to hold various positions. All of these activities are likely to result in increased cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone, strength, balance and flexibility.

    Physical AND Emotional Discipline is Gained
    Martial Arts are unique in that they include a significant mental, sometimes spiritual, component that most other forms of physical activity do not. Children learn to harness their more dynamic emotions such as anger and fear. Kids also gain greater mental focus and self control. If they’re the unfortunate subject of bullying, they’ll have the mental clarity and physical ability (although hopefully its use is unnecessary) to face it head on.

    The specific mental and physical formalities of martial arts classes help children becoming much more disciplined. Martial Arts student must maintain a heightened level of respect for their Sensei or instructor. The instructor is integrally involved in your child’s physical and mental development.  If your child struggles with concentration or properly showing respect, you should consider enrolling them in karate or kung fu.

    Students Learn to Face Life’s Challenges with Confidence
    The successful progression through each stage of martial arts training (e.g. the belt system) results in a significant sense of accomplishment.  A child gains heightened confidence and self-esteem that resonates into other areas of life, including school work and friendships. It also results in a more fearless approach to life’s challenges, both physical and mental.

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