Musical Craft Projects for Your Preschooler


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    By: Kindermusik

    Not only do these projects teach your child the importance and joy of music, they are a great way to recycle the household materials that clutter your kitchen or craft room!

    Items like coffee cans, buttons, paper towel tubes, rubber bands, extra dry beans and rice and empty shoe boxes make great musical craft projects.  Perfect for those days when you want to stay inside and do something creative, and cost effective, with your preschooler.

    So turn on your favorite songs and have an impromptu jam band!

    Kids love drums.  Make your own.  All you need is: Coffee or Pringle cans with lids, Beans or rice, Construction Paper, and Optional decorating tools (glitter pen, markers, stickers, finger paint). Children love messy things like glue and paint, so this will be a lot of fun.

    1.    Have your child decorate the piece of paper which will make the drum unique.
    2.    Smear glue onto the can and roll the paper around it.
    3.    Put the beans or rice inside the can and secure the lid. You may want to tape the lid on so that it doesn't come off.
    5.    Play!

    Shake it up with a Musical Tambourine.  You’ll need: Two paper plates, Rice or Beans, and Optional decorating materials (paint, glue, glitter, ribbons).

    1.    Decorate one side of each paper plate with glitter, paint, glue, or ribbons.
    2.    Staple the plates together 1/2 way around and then put the rice or beans in it.
    3.    When you have the desired amount staple the other side to secure it.
    4.    If you are feeling extra creative, you can staple ribbons on the edge for some more flair.
    5.    Have fun!

    Shakers to jam with.  Gather up: Small plastic cups, Lids or wide tape,
    Construction paper, Glue, Crayons or markers, and Rice, beans, pennies, marbles or anything small that creates some noise!

    1.    Decorate the cups with yarn, color on them or glue the construction paper onto the cups and draw designs.
    2.    Fill the cups with various items such as rice, beans, pennies and marbles to create your favorite sound.
    3.    Cover the cups with lids. If you don't have lids, use, sturdy wide tape such as duct tape. 
    4.    Shake away!

    A guitar to complete your band.  You will need: Empty shoe box without the lid,    Rubber bands (a variety of thicknesses and sizes are best), and
    A Ruler or a stick found from your yard.

    1.    Place the rubber bands lengthwise around the shoe box.
    2.    Tape the stick or ruler onto the back of the box, sticking out to the side to create the arm of the guitar.
    3.    Play to your heart's content!!

    Now that you have your musical instruments, click here to find some great kid-friendly musical suggestions to jam out to.

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