The Benefits of Tutoring: Confidence, Motivation and Learning


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    By: Huntington Learning

    Every child learns at a different pace, gains knowledge most effectively when taught in their learning style and possesses a certain base level of enthusiasm for learning. Needless to say, not all students thrive in a traditional school. Fortunately, supplemental education and tutoring programs can bridge the education gap and help kids regain confidence, become more successful learners and resurrect a child’s motivation for school.

    The Student Sets the Pace
    In traditional schools a teacher must set the pace based on the norm of the class and time.  Children who learn at a slower pace are left behind.  And, kids who fall behind are more likely to stay behind. In supplemental education, children set the pace for progress. They’re not criticized or penalized for learning at their unique pace. Without artificial time constraints, children can learn without pressure and anxiety and their energy can be redirected toward the learning process.

    Personal Attention Results in Positive Progress
    Small groups and one-on-one interaction make it easier for students to focus and learn. Specialty instruction can narrowly focus on problem areas, including reading, writing, math, study skills, test preparation and are based on the child’s specific needs.  Instructors identify your child’s learning style and deliver information in a manner that increases the child’s knowledge retention. Progress and positive reinforcement helps rebuild confidence and motivation to keep learning.

    Identifying if a Child Could Benefit From Supplemental Education
    Your child’s teacher or school counselor may recommend supplemental education for your child. How do you know this is the right decision? Here are some other questions to ask to help determine if a struggling student could benefit from a tutor:

    1.    Have your child’s grades started to fall regardless of how hard he or she seems to be working?
    2.    Have you found that no matter how long your child spends on homework, it’s neither complete nor accurate?
    3.    Is our child showing an increasing lack of confidence and motivation?
    4.    Is your child losing interest in learning?
    5.    Does your child experience extreme anxiety before tests and exams?
    6.    Is your child reluctant to go to school, fearing failure and criticism from others?
    7.    Is your child’s teacher reporting that he or she is acting out, becoming a behavior problem in class?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, your child needs help.  A supplemental education program may be exactly what your child needs to get back on track in school.

    Finding a Quality Tutoring Program
    There are many reputable organizations that offer supplemental learning programs for children grades K-12. Before signing up for any tutoring program, be sure to ask the following questions:

    1.    Are you an accredited organization?
    2.    Are your teachers licensed?
    3.    What is the student to teacher ratio?
    4.    Will you administer an academic evaluation to determine my child’s strengths and weaknesses?
    5.    Are your programs individualized to my child’s needs?
    6.    Can you provide me with references or testimonials from other families who have used your services?
    7.    What hours do you have available for instruction?

    Your child’s education can’t wait another day! There are qualified, caring people waiting to help your child succeed!

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