Benefits of Football for Kids


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    By: American Youth Football

    While most coaches call a football field two acres of Paradise, I prefer to call a football field our Nation's Greatest Classroom. The leadership learned on that football field has served every community well. Most successful professionals and community leaders learned the lessons of dedication and hard work taught by America's Sport.

    Students cannot sit in a classroom and learn work ethic, Confidence, Courage or Team Work. Football teaches that in order to succeed one must work first. There is no instant gratification in Football. The player must study his playbook to determine his assignment. Executing an efficient assignment requires a player to understand his role in the total play. Assignments skills must be practiced until they become good habits.

    With repetition the skill development develops confidence. Every play is a new challenge as opponents attempt to dominate you physically. To respond to that physical aggression a player needs courage. A belief that a team's performance is always better than the sum total of each player. One clue to the lasting impressions Football Coaches make is they are often quoted by their players decades after leaving school. This would be difficult to equal by any classroom teacher no matter how accomplished that teacher.

    The football field is also the classroom for Cheerleading, Marching Bands, and Drill teams.

    All accomplishments require dedication, motivation, and social skill.

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