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    By: Amy Franzwa

    It was March and time to start thinking about how to keep my sanity during the summer with two toddlers. I had my fill of music classes and I wanted something active. It was slim pickins for children as young as mine, but I happened upon an indoor soccer facility that offered classes for both my 18 month old and 3 year old. The classes were even back-to-back. Bonus! I had no idea what to expect with my youngest whose attention span was shorter than a new mom’s night sleep. For that matter, I was leery my 3 year old was too young for what I guessed was going to be a pretty structured, skill-based class peppered with kid-friendly games.

    To my surprise, the soccer classes were a huge hit for both! More than anything there were just a means for my kids to burn off some energy in a mildly structured format. The instructors were young, enthusiastic and had energy I was envious of. And the student:teacher ratio was low. I would say 4:1 and that allowed a lot of individual attention and “damage control.” 

    Both of my girls played games involving soccer and general athletic skills coupled with preschool curriculum. For example, they’d have to sit on colored, rubber circles and everyone had to identify the colors. There were multi-colored balls that also helped the kids learn different hues. They counted goals as they kicked them. All the kids had to hop on their left leg only and then vice versa. They were encouraged to share and never discouraged from being silly. And at the end of class they always performed a team cheer.

    If you’re fortunate enough to have a local provider of toddler soccer classes, I highly recommend signing up.  Youth soccer is a great way to introduce your child to athletics without them getting discouraged… it’s a safe bet your child knows how to run and have fun. And, even more importantly, the classes are an excellent way to get them early lessons in teamwork and following rules.


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