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    Did you know that online public school programs are available in most states?
    Programs range from a limited selection of virtual courses to full accredited high school diploma programs.  And most programs are FREE! Online programs offer individualized learning at home.  Are they the right choice for your family?

    How Does it Work?

    Most programs provide a learning plan that is specifically designed for the individual student. These programs allow a student to progress at their own pace, on their schedule and using their particular learning style.  They also offer the same level of accountability of traditional public schools through periodic grading and standard tests.

    Students take courses online wherever they are – home or away.  Teachers provide support to students via phone, web and sometimes face to face.  A parent or other adult is responsible for helping the student keep on track with lesson plans.  Students spend an average of 5-6 hours per day in “class” or working on homework assignments.  Much of this time can be scheduled when it is most convenient for the student and his or her family.

    Who Should Try Online School?

    This alternative approach to learning could be appropriate for many students, but may be particularly effective for children who learn at an accelerated or slower pace than the typical classroom, who are failing to reach their potential due to the social environment present in their school, who have difficulty concentrating in a traditional classroom setting, or who are not physically able to attend school on a regular schedule due to medical conditions, family situations or the demands of other activities or career pursuits.  Online public school courses can also become part of a homeschool curriculum.  Online education is not appropriate for a student who does not have an adult who is able to actively participate the student’s education.

    As with all decisions that impact a child’s education, the decision to enroll in online public school should not be made without first researching the available programs and considering your family’s needs.  Contact the online public school programs in your area directly to get information on the program details.  They should also be able to refer you to parents already enrolled in the program for more information about how the program is working for them.

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