Energy Drink Dangers: Safely Rehydrate After the Game


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    Energy Drink Dangers: Safely Rehydrate After the Game

    Energy drinks are all the rage with multi-tasking, sleep-deprived kids, particularly student athletes. Kids drink them during and after practice or games with the intent to replenish lost energy and rehydrate. The unfortunate fact is that drinking them exposes their bodies to large amounts of caffeine and other stimulants that are potentially harmful. They’re even more dangerous when consumed at a time of physical exertion or when combined with other questionable substances.

    “These drinks should not be consumed after long periods of exercise, or mixed with alcohol,” stated the authors of a study published by the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine. According to Dr. Steven Lipshultz, a pediatric cardiologist and chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at the same university, “The problem is a lot of young people don't realize what's in these drinks and the combinations could be serious, even deadly!"

    Some of the most popular energy drink brands include Red Bull, Monster, Amp and Rock Star. They’re given monikers to convey that they’re sources of power, strength and allure, which are appealing traits to many, particularly athletes. Bottom line, they’re considered to be a hip and cool beverage choice by the youth of today.

    Drinking them may increase a child’s perceived cool factor, but regular consumption has also been proven to increase blood pressure, which is dangerous for anyone. Especially dangerous for children with ADHD, diabetes, sleep issues, eating disorders or those on certain types of medication. When consumed on a daily basis, certain energy drinks also decrease heart rate and attention spans in children.

    The ill-effects of energy drinks vary per child, and some children can handle the questionable substances in them better than others. Regardless, moderation should be a rule of thumb. And by far the most logical, safest, cheapest solution is to encourage your child, especially those that are athletes, to quench their thirst with a big bottle of water before anything else!

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