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    Your child’s birthday is coming.  Last year’s party was a hit. The pressure is on to come up with just the right birthday venue to make this birthday even more memorable.  You’ve already done the jumper gym, what other options are out there?

    Bowling Alley

    Yes, bowling.  When was the last time you went bowling?  This is a great retro party idea.  These days, Bowling alleys have music and glow in the dark light effects tailored perfectly for this age group.  With bumpers and bowling ramps, there is no need for experience.  Bowling alleys also have space for cake and presents and often have perfect kid party food options such as pizza or burgers.

    Roller Skating Rink

    Another retro option.  Again, the music and light shows are perfect to get kids engaged. These days, kids have the option of using either roller or inline skates.  Skating can be a challenge for some children, particularly if it is their first time.  To be safe, it might be best to wait until children are 8 years or older.  Bonus, many roller skating rinks also have X and arcade games available for entertainment.

    Gymnastics Gym

    Many gymnastics gyms offer birthday party options.  Don’t worry if your child does not have a lot of gymnastics experience.  Parties tend to focus on activities that are appropriate for all skill levels.  Think jumping on the trampoline, zip chords, monkey bars and foam block pits.  They may or may not have an appropriate party room for cake and ice cream at the gym.  This would be a good thing to check into before booking.

    Karate School

    It may not be as common, but more and more martial arts schools are offering birthday parties.  This can be a great option for boys or girls looking to “save the world” during their birthday party.

    Swimming School

    If your little fish wants a party full of water fun, it is likely to be a less nerve racking at a swimming school than at a local pool or beach. Trained swimming instructors lead the children through the activities.  Don’t worry if your child or another child is not a stellar swimming, swimming school pools tend to be very shallow and they offer flotation devices for children who need them.  And surprise, they don’t spend much time swimming.  They engage the children in a whole host of games and relays that don’t require a perfect stroke.


    Have a sports fanatic on your hands? Many local YMCA’s offer birthday parties that involve participation in a series of gym games and a variety of sports.  What fun!

    Mini Golf Course

    Indoor and outdoor miniature golf courses are a great birthday party venue option.   At this age, no experience or score keeping is necessary.  Just let the kids putt away. It would be wise to confirm the course has a party room or table available for cake and present opening.


    Does your child want to be a rock star?  How about a princess?  If your answer is “yes”, consider bringing them and their entourage to a salon for birthday festivities.  There are several kid specific salons, but an adult salon will work, too.  Also consider manicures or pedicures for your little rocker or princess.

    Art Studio or Craft Store

    Have an art lover?  Great!  Plan a party at your local make-your-own pottery studio, art school or craft store. Kids get the chance to make their own art project or custom designed piece of pottery.  Bonus, no need for party favors because their final creation is their take-home gift.  One thing to note if you host the party at a pottery studio, you will have to return to the studio 7-10 days later to pick up the masterpieces and then also deliver them to your guests.

    Cooking School

    Whether you choose a cooking school or a personal chef, a cupcake or cookie decorating party is a great theme idea.  Children are taught to make ornately decorated cupcakes or cookies with themes like animals, flowers and polka dots.  The children can eat their favorite and take the rest home as their party favor.   

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