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    Son or daughter love to draw, paint or create? Here are a few things you should know before you embark on the search for kids art classes.


    • Many art studios begin offering fun, art-based classes for children age 3 and older. More serious schools do not offer classes until students are at least 7.
    • Most art studios offer one-time art classes for up to 3 hours, or multi-week sessions which generally last an hour each.
    • Some studios offer drop-in art sessions which are a great way to give the studio a try before committing to a class.
    • Be sure to inquire about any materials fees that are required in addition to class registration fees.
    • Many city parks and recreation departments also offer art classes throughout the year.  Many are conveniently scheduled at the end of the school day at your child's elementary school.


    Finding kids Art classes near you does not have to be a full time job.  ActivityTree makes it easy to Research Kids Activities. Just enter your zip code, choose baseball from the activity type drop down and click Update. You will see a list of deals and art providers with the closest art studios at the top.  Click on any provider to see more information including their address, phone number and a link to their web site.

    If you ever need help, just email us!

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