At What Age Can My Child Begin to Play Sports?


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    That’s a good question and depends on what you mean by "play" sports. 

    Generally speaking, at five years old most (not all) kids are mature and disciplined enough to partake in competitive play. Typically, the foundations of that formal play begin for kids four and younger on the soccer or baseball field. 

    Soccer classes for kids are offered for tots as young as 18 months through several national, franchise-based organizations such as Lil Kickers, Soccer Shots and SoccerTots. Between the three, you’re likely to have a location near you if you're in a major metro. If not, check with your city’s parks and recreation department or community center to see if they offer soccer classes for kids. Your local YMCA kid's programs will typically include a kid's soccer class and you don't need to be a YMCA member to participate. 

    T-ball for kids begins at age 4. Similar to soccer, nearly all city parks and recreation programs offer t-ball leagues. If yours doesn’t, a nearby city likely does and you usually don’t have to be a resident for your child to join another city’s league. There is also a national company called Lil Sluggers that offers baseball programs for kids ages 2-5. 

    Don’t fret if you’re in a state that enjoys four seasons each year. Your child can keep honing their skills through indoor sports programs like All Star Sports at My Gym for ages 4-7. Kids learn the basics of soccer, baseball, basketball and other sports. 

    Don’t forget that you are your child’s earliest coach. In lieu of, or as a compliment to, the aforementioned options, you can take them out in the backyard or to a park and play catch, kick a soccer ball and bounce a basketball. You can begin building the fundamental skills required to become a successful athlete long before their first games.   

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