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Arizona Camp Sunrise and Sunrise Sidekicks

4550 E. Bell Rd Suite #126
Phoenix, AZ 85032
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  • Description - Arizona Camp Sunrise and Sunrise Sidekicks

    Arizona Camp Sunrise and Sunrise Sidekicks offer special programs for children who have or have had cancer, and their brothers and sisters. Fun is the main goal of our programs, with the special needs and safety of those children our top priority. Some traditional camp activities we offer include archery, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, arts & crafts, and singing around a campfire. We also offer some non-traditional activities like rappeling, dance, drama, rocketry, magic, scrapbooking, and cooking. We also have fun activities like a dance, a carnival, and the oh-so-sticky Jello War. The American Cancer Society's Arizona Camp Sunrise and Sidekicks offer a variety of programs and activities for all ages throughout the year. *Arizona Camp Sunrise is seven days of fun in the cool pines outside of Payson, Arizona. It is for children ages 8-16 who have or have had. An American Cancer Society program, the premise of Arizona Camp Sunrise is to provide a regular summer camp experience to kids who may not be able to attend other camps because of their special medical needs. The camp also gives children a chance to meet other children with the same experiences. They build friendships that lend encouragement and strength throughout the year. *Arizona Camp Sunrise Sidekicks is a seven day camp for the siblings (ages 8-16) of cancer patients. The camp is located on a beautiful property, Northeast of Payson and is a place where children can come and get away from it all for a while. The children can share their experiences or seek support from other campers. There is no emphasis placed on discussing the challenges of living with a cancer patient. The main goal is to relax and have fun. But there is always an ear willing to listen if needed. Arizona Camp Sunrise Summer Fun Day Camps, provided by the American Cancer Society, are for children who have or have had cancer and their siblings, ages 3-7. There is a day camp held in Phoenix and one in Tucson. Both day camps run for 3 weeks each summer. Teen Jams - In August, 13-18 year-old teens are invited to go on a 5-day river rafting trip on the San Juan River in Utah. The teens and staff are driven up to the river and given instruction on what to do. Then everyone takes turns riding in rafts and kayaks down the river. Many stops are made along the way for hikes, to see petroglyphs, or to soak in a mud bath. Then at night they can pitch a tent or sleep under the stars. The trip is led by experienced tour guides. The American Cancer Society provides the rest of the staff and as always, medical personnel accompany the group on the trip. *There are two weekend retreats each year. The Winter Retreat, held in February, is for teens ages 13-16. The Spring Retreat, held in April, is for children ages 8-12. Both retreats are held at the camp outside of Payson and both run from a Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. These retreats are a good way to introduce new campers and staff to the programs. And also a nice get-away for returning campers and staff.

  • Kids Activities Offered

    Archery,  Art,  Cooking,  Dance,  Day Camp,  Drama,  Fishing,  Hiking,  Horseback Riding,  Overnight Camp,  Science,  Special Needs,  Summer Camp

  • Activity Age Range

    8 years to 16 years old

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