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Bobby Gene's Actors Club House

6472 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90038
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    "Our goal is to build up confidence and strengthen the self-esteem of people. Positive Energy is what we work on. Enhancing and advancing the true and real individual within oneself through practice, persistence, patience and prayer." The Actors Clubhouse is owned and operated by 2 partners. Stacey Y. Gonzales and Bobby G. Mitchell A place stressing the importance as well as emulating in the richness of Giving by it's fruit. Giving to dream, Giving to plan, Giving to grab hold, Giving to pursue, and Giving to continue the press. Standing on this principal of truth that: Once the humble heart of oneself gives from within, only then will true success and prosperity show themselves alive. Prayer, Practice, Persistence, Patience and Prayer...

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