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Brazos Valley Gymnastics Center

1800 Ponderosa Dr
College Station, TX 77845
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    Home Brazos Valley Gymnastics is dedicated to both mind and body. No contracts to sign. Start up whenever you like. Cheerleading tryouts will be coming up soon, start preparing now by taking a cheer/tumble class. You can sign up for a class anytime. We offer organized, structured classes in a healthy and fun atmosphere. Come join the Brazos Valley Gymnastics 'family'. We are proud members of the following organizations: USA Gymnastics, NCA (cheer), UCA (cheer), ACA (cheer) and the Gymnastics Association of Texas and are Aggie owned and operated. 'In every real man, a child is hidden that wants to play.' -- F. Nietzsche. We currently have teams competing in the USA Gymnastics Olympic program for Girls and Boys Levels 5 to 9. USA Gymnastics is the governing body for gymnastics in the United States. We feel you made the right choice in choosing Brazos Valley for your children s needs. We strive to teach good solid gymnastics skills and total physical fitness in a fun and healthy atmosphere. Gymnastics (and exercise in general) plays an important role in developing healthy attitudes among kids, building their self-esteem and empowering them to treat both their mind and body with respect. Young children who are taught to move freely and effectively learn that they have control over their bodies and that the power to create success is within them. In older kids, gymnastics helps promote feelings of accomplishment and fitness.

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    Cheerleading,  Gymnastics,  Mommy and Me,  Preschooler

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