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Camp Buckskin

4124 Quebec Ave N, Ste 300
Minneapolis, MN 55427
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    Camp location is in Ely, MN. While young people with Attention Deficit Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Aspergers Syndrome, or who are adopted have challenges to overcome, they also possess a wealth of potential and abilities. It is important to help them overcome those hurdles, so these deficits don't hold them back in life. However, it is crucial to develop their potential and improve existing abilities, so they can enjoy the social and overall success they are capable of and deserve. Camp Buckskin has been helping young people with ADD, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Aspergers, or those who may be adopted to learn and grow for more than 50 years. We provide a structured, consistent, and supportive environment with quality instruction in traditional camp and some academic activities. Our featured Personal Growth Program works to enhance social awareness and improve social skills. Our parents are most interested in helping their children make and maintain friendships, so we work each day to accomplish this goal. In addition, we strive to improve problem solving/coping skills to help our campers become more self reliant and take on increased responsibility for themselves. Providing our campers with the opportunities to gain knowledge and develop or improve skills is a program priority. All the camp activities stress fundamentals, beginning with safety. As they master the fundamentals, each child progresses -- at his/her pace -- to more challenging skills. These daily activities are non-competitive, in that each child competes only with him/herself. Most Camp Buckskin activities are taught in small groups with a staff ratio of 1:3 or better. This provides ample staff time for individual instruction and interaction. The staff employs a variety of approaches and teaching methods, endeavoring to teach each child in the style in which he/she learns best to maximize their gains. Reading -- with its emphasis on reading, writing, and organizational skills -- may be the most important single activity we teach. However, it is the cumulative effect of successes in all the activities and areas of camp that produces the child's feeling of accomplishment -- and growth. The following briefly describes each of these six main activities: Archery and Riflery, Arts and Crafts, Canoeing, Nature and Environmental Studies, Reading, Swimming.

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    Academics,  Archery,  Art,  Boating,  Nature and Animals,  Overnight Camp,  Special Needs,  Summer Camp,  Swimming

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