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Children's Dance Place

75 South Cherokee St.
Denver, CO 80223
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  • Description - Children's Dance Place

    Why Creative Dance? Creative dance is so accessible to children, who already want to be on the move. Creative dance begins with everyday movement; walking, turning, skipping, bending, running, reaching. Through practice, skill development and imagination, everyday movement is a springboard for children to exploring endless movement possibilities. A simple walk, for example, can become a slow, turning, creeping walk, and a simple reach can become a fast, skipping, springing reach! Creative Dance is a fabulously fun, creative process for children which engages all the senses and intelligences, individual expression, the choreographer inherent in each dancer, as well as the performer. How do you teach Creative Dance? Creative dance is taught through the understanding of movement concepts. These concepts are what allow the student to make sense of what they are doing and create their own dances. Whenever a person moves, the body uses space, time, and force. Creative dance uses all the combinations inherent in these words/elements. These concepts become a movement vocabulary that children understand both physically and intellectually. For very young children we provide simply the experience of these concepts (e.g. moving slowly – moving quickly). Later, as children mature, they learn to use these words themselves and to understand the elements of dance that they represent (e.g. creating a series of movements, on a low level, using two different directions, with asymmetrical shapes). Dance technique is added slowly and carefully as the children become ready to practice alignment, specific movements, and steps. In our classes we draw on the world outside the dance studio to stimulate the student’s creativity. We use children’s literature, language, everyday events, props, poetry, visual art, and music as inspiration for creating movements. Each child finds his/her own valid and unique reaction to these stimuli. Developing their own shapes and movements in response to stimuli or as solutions to movement problems is hard work and requires a great deal of a child’s resources and courage. The reward is that, in the end, the children own their dances.

  • Kids Activities Offered

    Dance,  Preschooler

  • Activity Age Range

    2 years and up

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