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Chul Jin Martial Arts

2549 Huntington Dr
San Marino, CA 91108
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    Tae Kwon Do Tae kwon do is a hard style that emphasizes the use of kicks and hand strikes to subdue an opponent. It is effective in combat but also promotes inner harmony and mental discipline. Tae Kwon do is a compilation of many different styles from Korea dating back almost 2,000 years. In its modern form, it is the most popularly taught martial art style in the world and is even recognized as an Olympic event. Hapkido Hapkido is a soft style of martial arts in which you learn to defend yourself using as little force as possible. The movements are circular, using your opponent s energy to take control of the force that s directed at you. It is known as the peaceful martial art because the ethical intention to cause no harm is as essential to Hapkido as the physical skills that make it possible. Classes Classes are offered six days a week, morning and evening.

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