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Cool Science

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    We get Pikes Peak area students, parents and teachers engaged in exciting hands-on activities and workshops designed to provide intimidation-free opportunities to explore the joy of science and engineering. Demonstrations to schools and home schools: Chemistry, physics, neuroscience and more demonstration shows are offered to teachers of 3rd through 8th grade in all El Paso County schools and home schools. The demonstration shows convey a sense of enthusiasm for science, and make it accessible by making real world connections. These programs aim to motivate students and teachers to actively pursue science both in the classroom and at home. Science Day at Your School: This program involves the whole school for the entire day of Cool Science! Special presentations are given on exciting topics, such as Liquid Nitrogen, Rockets, Lasers, Electricity, Slime, etc. Students also cycle through a series of rooms where students can experiment with our collection of hands-on exhibits. Parent and teacher volunteers help the students explore. Public Workshops: Cool Science periodically collaborates with a local university to put on an event designed for the public. Demonstrations and workshops at these events convey a sense of enthusiasm for science, makes science accessible by making real world connections and expose students to the university environment. This program's goal is to motivate parents and children to actively pursue science at home. Further, since University students play a large role in the planning and execution, they not only learn basic scientific concepts better in order to explain them, but also gain experience in project planning and community service. Special Events: Cool Science conducts many programs outside of these two major categories such as: Girl Scout workshops and camps: Mainly focused on chemistry, the most popular is 'Who Killed the Principal's Dog', a mock Crime Scene Investigation. Parent Training Workshops: Parents receive all the information and materials they need to conduct hands-on science experiments at home with their children. Cardboard Boat Building Contest: Pairs of students build boats big enough to hold themselves and race across a pool, learning about buoyancy, engineering safety factors, and having tremendous fun. Civil Engineering Day at the Air Force Academy: Students test their talent in building bridges, constructing safe vehicles for dropping eggs off great heights, etc. Finally, Cool Science participates in a number of externally organized science camps and conferences, which further promote enthusiasm for science.

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