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DancEd Dance Centre

3131 Dundee Rd
Northbrook, IL 60062
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    DancEd Dance Centre is a dance studio with a difference. Founded by owner Tracy Reynolds in 1995, DancEd was destined to be special from the beginning. Drawing from her background in elementary education as well as her experience in dance, "Miss Tracy" created the underlying principles upon which DancEd is based. Have fun! The primary short-term goal is for the dancers to have fun. While DancEd stresses the importance of proper form and technique in dance, we understand that kids have to want to come to class. Some dance studios take themselves so seriously that they lose sight of the fact that the dancers want to have fun. Once they are having fun, the learning comes naturally! Make a Positive Impact on the Dancers Lives DancEd dancers are children. They require attention, they want to learn and grow. Apart from school and time at home, where are they going to learn self-respect and respect for others, or responsibility and a sense of achievement? Many of the dance instructors at DancEd are school teachers. They understand children and can have an impact on them that reaches much further than the dance room. Get the Kids Excited DancEd wants your children to feel they are a part of something special. Their involvement with the DancEd program is meant to increase their self-esteem and bolster their confidence. They will meet new people and make new friends, all in a fun and stimulating environment. What could be better?! Attract the Best Teachers Chicago is loaded with talented dancers. DancEd Dance Centre is committed to finding those exceptional dancers who are also great teachers to be instructors at DancEd. DancEd understands that our instructors are the key to your child's experience with dance. DancEd has lofty goals. To be the best dance studio possible, to impact the way that your child feels about her- or him-self, to give each student confidence and teach them how to interact with others. Come and see for yourself, and let DancEd be a positive influence in the life of your child. We offer classes for children 18 months and older.

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    2 years, 6 months and up

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