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Donna's Dolphins

5470 Powers Center Point #130
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
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  • Description - Donna's Dolphins

    BABY DOLPHIN CLASSES: Parent/Child - This class is for infants 6 months to 3 yrs. This is a water adjustment and basic skills class teaching parents proper holds with their children in the water so they will feel comfortable and confident. Along with the water adjustment skills we will learn jumping, reaching, grabbing, blowing bubbles, kicking, floating, climbing out of the pool and shimmying along the edge of the pool. PRIVATE SWIM LESSONS: Through a variety of creative and engaging activities, children will learn comfort in the water, breath control, facial immersion, pushing off the steps, gliding, kicking and propelling themselves several ft. through the water with their face submerged and getting a breath with our swim-roll/float/swim technique. They also learn basic safety skills and floating. They love diving for rings first off the top step then working their way to the bottom of the pool. As children progress and build endurance we work on all strokes and jumping in from the side of the pool and circle swimming back to the wall or steps to safety. Of course for good listening and working hard, children get a slide ride and turtle or dolphin ride at the end along with a trip to the treasure box! SEMI PRIVATE SWIM LESSONS: Children that have finished the 10 day swim program may move to a semi private where they will do a pre-swim team type work out! They love to race on kick boards, work on their strokes, learn dives and do flip turns. ADULT BEGINNERS AND THE MORE ADVANCED: Adults that are learning for the first time will learn confidence and the skills they need to swim and swim well! I work on proper body positioning in all my swim lessons and proper strokes. We also cover floating and treading water.

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    Baby,  Preschooler,  Swimming,  Toddler

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    6 months and up

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