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Exceed Hockey

15372 Jeffers Pass NW
Prior Lake, MN 55372
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  • Description - Exceed Hockey

    Exceed Hockey offers one of the best training and player advancement programs in the Minneapolis/St Paul area. The Exceed Hockey program provides players with an opportunity to train and compete against each other in an effort to reach their potential. Members are trained by our professional staff who have competed at all levels. Our staff has the ability to mentor and advise players of all ages; each staff member has hockey experience that is invaluable to the athletes they train. Exceed Hockey gives members an opportunity to learn from one of the most passionate and influential hockey staffs in the business. Exceed Hockey provides members an opportunity to skate with and receive instruction from coaches who know what it takes to be a champion at all levels! All members will be grouped on-ice according to age and/or ability level. This allows for our members to compete against players of similar ability. Exceed Hockey gives dedicated hockey players an opportunity to develop their skills on a regular basis during the off-season. The program gives members with a passion for the game regular ice time that allows for the development of hockey skills, skating, and work habits. Flexibility allows time for additional sports and vacations during the off-season. Exceed Hockey provides members with on-ice hockey training, strength and explosiveness through weight training, off-ice hockey specific training, treadmill training, sports yoga, and spinning classes. Off-ice hockey specific training is available daily to all members and includes plyometrics, hand skills, and shooting instruction. Weight training memberships at Dakotah Sport and Fitness are provided for our high school and college players. All weight training programs are designed and monitored by our strength and conditioning coach and staff. Exceed Hockey also works to develop members through leadership and team building classes. Classes are focused on an individual’s leadership development and roles within a team environment.

  • Kids Activities Offered

    Hockey,  Sports Skills

  • Cancellation Policy

    No refund will be given for any reason once your application is accepted; medical or otherwise.

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