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Galloping Horse Equestrian

4091 Linnell Rd
Deming, WA 98244
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  • Description - Galloping Horse Equestrian

    Galloping Horse Equestrian offers horseback riding lessons for all ages and Guaranteed Horse Training for horses of any age or training level. Our resident trainer has 20+ years’ experience in training horses and giving riding instruction. We guarantee satisfaction of your learning experience and your horse’s training experience. Our lesson and training programs are always safety based, safety first and confidence building. We provide thorough instruction from the horsemanship perspective. Galloping Horse Equestrian is committed to excellence in the horse & horse person industry. We are a small outfit that produces happy horses and riders. Instruction is second to none, and if you want to see your horse change for the better right before your eyes, or you want to learn how to handle and ride a horse safely and with confidence, give us a call to schedule your horsey experience!

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    6 years and up

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