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Great Divide Ski Area

7385 Belmont Drive
Marysville, MT 59640
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  • Description - Great Divide Ski Area

    Great Divide is a progressive & FUN family operated SnowSports mountain park that covers a lot of country. One hundred forty trails and five terrific terrain parks are spread out over three mountain peaks and three distinct valleys on an area covering 1600 acres and three miles from end-to-end. BACKYARD BEGINNERS SLOPE... A private and quiet place for beginners and kids, located right out the back door of the lodge. Warming Hut for students and families. MEADOW MOUNTAIN... 8 trails of easy skiing and riding. Rowdy & Ruckus Terrain Parks for beginners. GOOD LUCK... THE SNOW ZONE... 7 trails and 3 terrific terrain parks completely covered with powerful snowmaking. Family friendly slopes and trails. Friday & Saturday night lights. MOUNT BELMONT... Go all the way to the top and enjoy the challenge of 30 classic slopes and trails from the last 50 years! Summit Patrol Hut open to the public with stunning views. RAWHIDE GULCH... Remote cornices, cliffs, chutes and glades. The BIG OPEN. 25 trails. WILD WEST... Enormous backcountry adventure area with the convenience of a chairlift and the Wild West Cabin. DO NOT GO ALONE!

  • Kids Activities Offered

    Skiing,  Snowboarding

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