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Gymco Sports

2306 Camelot Ridge Ct SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
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  • Description - Gymco Sports

    Kids may come to Gymco to learn basic sports skills, gymnastics, martial arts, or cheerleading. But what they'll really come away with is a positive attitude about physical activity that can influence their whole lives. We want to help kids develop: Their bodies. We help kids learn and master the basic athletic skills they'll need all throughout their lives, whether they are playing on a team or just having fun. Something magical happens when kids learn how to throw, catch, kick, and run leap and twist. They get up and join in the game. Their Self confidence. We motivate kids to try new experiences and discover how it feels to succeed. When kids come here, they may never have scaled a rock wall, done a back flip. or walked along the high beam. But when we show them, step-by-step, how to overcome challenges, they try. And try again. It may take awhile to figure out, but we always reassure them that's okay. When they do progress, they feel great. And they're more prepared for the next challenge they meet. Their Character. Nobody's born knowing how to throw a ball or do a cartwheel. Teaching your body something new takes some work. But at Gymco, we want every kid to see that working toward a goal can be fun - and eventually, it pays off. The sense of satisfaction each kids feels is proof that it's worth the time and effort they put in. We build healthier brains... We teach the fundamentals for all sports... It is fun! We build confidence... We help prevent obesity...

  • Kids Activities Offered

    Cheerleading,  Gymnastics,  Mommy and Me

  • Activity Age Range

    1 year and up

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