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Gymnastics Unlimited

34016 9th Ave S # D5
Federal Way, WA 98003
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    PRESCHOOL CLASSES: Learn basic athletics through beginning gymnastic skills taught in a non-competitive manner. Socialization skills, safety and fitness and learning strategies are incorporated into each lesson. Unique miniature equipment is used. BEGINNING TO INTERMEDIATE:Enhanced physical fitness, attention focusing and goal setting are some of the many benefits students derive from participating in our recreational program. In addition, they will also learn the importance of health fitness and safety. Come enjoy a great place to make friends. JUNIOR OR SENIOR HIGH CLASS: These classes are offered to help the beginner through advanced athlete who wishes to improve. Each class will have stretching and yoga techniques to enhance their flexibility. They will progress through basic and standard athletic skills to create an all around better athlete with heavy emphasis on health fitness and safety. ADVANCED CLASSES: This class is for the gymnasts with experience. These kids work and develop even more self-confidence, coordination and stamina. They ascend to a higher level of athletic ability through gymnastics.

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    3 years to 18 years old

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