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Harbor Voice

2615 Jahn Ave NW #E7
Gig Harbor, WA 98335
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  • Description - Harbor Voice

    As a private voice instructor for over 22 years, Kathyanne has seen the benefits of a musical environment at a very early age. Over the years she would encounter a few of her private voice students (ages 9 - adults) who struggled with basic musicianship skills. After being trained to teach Music Together, she realized that the students had most likely missed a very important component in their early childhood development. Kathyanne came from a family where they would always sing & play together. What she didn't realize at the time was that her parents were giving her the gift of Musical language. She can't recall being afraid to sing in front of people and credits this to the exposure in early childhood! Children who are not exposed to playing and singing before the age of 5 in a group setting, often become shy and self conscience after they enter school. In private lessons she has seen this many times with students whose stage fright is real and so overwhelming that it kept them from many enjoyable musical performance experiences. This is why teaching children at a young age has become one of Kathyanne's passions. She currently is in her 5th year of teaching Music Together. The rewards as a teacher have been many! She loves that whole families and children of different ages are allowed in the class. She likes helping the adults interact with their child. Kathyanne feels the class is so much more than music. People not only connect in a new way with their child, but they also make new friends. We often see & hear babies in the class demonstrate a clear musical growth moment. We as a class can sing harmony during class in a circle. Now that's something you can't do alone! It really is 'music together'. She often looks at the little ones around the room and thinks, this is so good for them but, it is also just plain fun!

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    Baby,  Mommy and Me,  Music,  Preschooler,  Toddler

  • Activity Age Range

    up to 5 years old

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