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Japan Karate Association of NM

6501 Eagle Rock Ave. NEA-1
Albuquerque, NM 87113
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  • Description - Japan Karate Association of NM

    Kinder Karate - This class is designed for very young students (ages 3-6) who are interested in Karate but are not old enough to understand training concepts. Kinder Karate provides exercises to help train and improve hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. The class is taught by games and activities that keep the child's attention while providing the learning skills necessary to improve the child's well-being. Child Classes - For beginners and younger children(7-12years old). This class will teach the students how to concentrate, basic karate techniques and knowledge, and hand and eye coordination. For more advanced and older children (10-15years old). In this class, the student will learn more advance karate techniques and hard repetitive practice. The parent members of a child can attend the class their child is studying in. However, other adult members cannot attend children's classes.

  • Kids Activities Offered

    Martial Arts,  Preschooler,  Toddler

  • Activity Age Range

    3 years to 15 years old

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