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    Learn to defend yourself with karate History of Karate Common Issues Within... The Practice of Karate Japanese martial arts History of Karate Japan annexed the nominally independent had studied pugilism and staff (bo) Ryukyu island group in 1874 after fighting in China (according to one centuries of strong Japanese influence legend, under the guidance of Koshokun, over the kingdom's affairs following the originator of kusanku kata), started invasion by the Japanese Satsuma clan in teaching a fighting art in the city of 1609. The relationship between Okinawa Shuri that he called and Japan is complicated. For purposes 'Karate-no-Sakukawa' (at that time of discussing karate, it is convenient meaning 'China hand of Sakakawa'). This to speak of Okinawa and Japan as was the first known recorded reference separate entities. The question of to the art of karate whether karate is Japanese or Okinawan Around the 1820's, Sakukawa's most is somewhat akin to asking whether the significant student, Sokon luau or the hula dance are American Matsumura(1809-1899) taught a synthesis traditions or Hawaiian ones: They of te (Shuri-te and Tomari-te) and developed in Hawaii prior to when Hawaii Shaolin (Chinese) styles. It would became one of the United States, and so become the style Shorin-ryu. are usually described as Hawaiian, not Anko ItosuMatsumura taught his karate to American. The case is similar for Anko Itosu(1831-1915), among others. karate, which is originally of Okinawan Itosu adapted two forms he learned from origin. Matsumara, namely kusanku and chiang The Okinawan martial art 'ti' was nan, to create the ping'an forms practiced by Okinawa royalty and their ('heian' or 'pinan' in Japanese, as the retainers for centuries before, and symbols can be read differently) as alongside, later Chinese influences. For simplified kata for beginning students. the most part there were no particular In 1901 he was instrumental in getting styles of 'ti', but rather a network of karate introduced into Okinawa's public practitioners with their own individual schools. These forms were taught to methods and eclectic traditions. Early children at the elementary-school level. styles of karate are often generalized Itosu is also credited with taking the as Shuri-te, Naha-Te and Tomari-te, large naihanchi form ('tekki' in Japan) named after the three cities in which and breaking it into the three they emerged, although these are not well-known modern forms naihanchi concrete distinctions. Each area (and shodan, naihanchi nidan and naihanchi the teachers who lived there) had sandan. particular kata, techniques, and Itosu's influence in karate is very principles that distinguished their broad. The forms he created for local version of 'ti' from the others. beginners are common across nearly all Members of the Okinawan upper classes forms of karate. His students included were sent to China regularly to learn some of the most well-known karate and study a variety of disciplines, practitioners, including Gichin political and practical; this exchange Funakoshi, Kenwa Mabuni, and Motobu was not too different from the practice Choki. He is sometimes known as the of exchange students today. The 'Grandfather of Modern Karate.'[citation incorporation of empty-handed Chinese needed] In addition to the three early kung fu occurred partly because of these 'ti' styles of karate, a fourth Okinawan exchanges. Estimates of the Chinese influence is that of Kanbun Uechi influence in modern karate styles (or (1877-1948), who, at the age of 20, went schools) vary considerably, and there to Fuzhou in Fujian Province, China, to are no clean divisions among 'styles'. escape Japanese military conscription. To this day karate styles from some While there, he studied under Shushiwa, areas bear a striking resemblance to the leading figure of Chinese Nanpa Fujian martial arts such as Fujian White Shorin-ken at that time.[1] He later Crane, Five Ancestors, and Gangrou-quan developed his o

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