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FREMONT , CA 94538
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  • Background of karate for kids

    Hi, and welcome to Karate for Kids inc. of the bay area. I would like you to know that your child’s safety and care is our greatest concern. We opened our school in 1983 and it sits in the same location with great pride. Since our early beginnings we have been fortunate and earnest to have our program so well received. Our top 200 schools in America is one of our proudest accomplishments. Our features and benefits include but are not limited to , self esteem and confidence training, focus, hard work, discipline, awareness and protection, physical, mental and emotional training. This year our top black belts who have been in the program for years graduated high school and attended the following universities (references at the school) U.C. BERKLEY X 3, U.C. DAVIS, U.C. SANTA BARBARA, U.C. SAN DIEGO, USC, UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO MED. SCHOLAR, U.O.P, AND MANY OTHERS. Come talk to our chief of staff and find out why our program is focused on kids. We have a sample video of what it looks like to attain a black belt here and we are welcome to meeting with each prospective family individually to find out what your needs are in a martial arts school. We feel that a black belt is inside a person not just around the waist. Please call us for our newest promotion at 510-490-8300 Thank You, Management Karate for Kids inc.

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