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Kidz Love Soccer

Everett, WA 98204
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  • Description - Kidz Love Soccer

    For over 30 years Kidz Love Soccer (KLS) has been dedicated to teaching children the world's most popular game within a nurturing environment. At Kidz Love Soccer the emphasis is always on fun! Located throughout the states of California and Washington, KLS provides the foremost in soccer camps and instruction for kids age 2 to 12, instilling an exuberant, skillful confidence, in the young player ... through the Kidz Love Soccer method; a session experience includes age appropriate activities: skill demonstrations, fun games, and instructional scrimmages always conducted in a non-competitive, recreational format. Kidz Love Soccer was started in 1979 by it's founder Christopher Trevisan, known within the soccer community as "Coach Chris". Mr. Trevisan's work as a coach has resulted in the KLS curriculum; a 'one of a kind' approach to teaching the great sport of soccer to the young player. The KLS lead staff have trained more than 600,000 participants to date, and continue to coach more than 40,000 children annually in more than 80 cities throughout California and Washington State. Kidz Love Soccer's non-competitive, recreational format provides participants with the freedom and confidence necessary to learn the game and flourish as a soccer player. KLS was formed in response to a community desire for an age-appropriate, non-competitive, instructional soccer program. Kidz Love Soccer programs have been designed with the whole child in mind. A KLS experience encourages self-discovery, where kids not only learn to love the sport of soccer through mastery of ball skills, but also learn important life lessons such as Sportsmanship, Effort, Learning, and Fun (S-E-L-F™). Experimentation and invention are their own reward, as participants learn through fun games and imagination. Kidz Love Soccer provides children with the positive framework whereby all players are nurtured, built up, and developed as young athletes. Creativity and innovation are highly encouraged in each Kidz Love Soccer program, ...where the score is always "Fun to Fun"!(TM)

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    Birthday Parties,  Day Camp,  Preschooler,  Soccer,  Sports Skills,  Summer Camp,  Toddler

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    2 years to 12 years old

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