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Koha Youth Hockey

3600 Vanrick Dr
Kalamazoo, MI 49001
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  • Description - Koha Youth Hockey

    KOHA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), volunteer-run corporation offering a learn-to-skate program, beginning hockey program, Travel and House programs for children 5 to 17. Founded in 1965 by Kalamazoo Optimist Club, it was the Kalamazoo Optimist Club’s interest in CHILDREN that gave birth to the Kalamazoo Optimist Hockey Association. In the early days (1965) the Optimists did everything they could (including paying for the program) to develop a hockey program for children. As time passed KOHA became too expensive and too big for the Optimist Club to manage. KOHA became independent and to honor the Optimists for the development of youth hockey, KOHA has continued to keep the Optimist name in our name. KOHA has enjoyed broad-based community support and has grown steadily since its inception. KOHA developed one of the first Learn to Skate programs in the state. The KOHA philosophy of assuring enjoyable participation and growth in hockey for every girl or boy who wants to play hockey has been an important factor in its phenomenal growth, even during a period when other programs experienced decreased enrollments. The KOHA objectives and philosophy clear and concise. KOHA must honor the very reason why it was developed in 1965, for the children. It must provide opportunities and a good experience for all children who want to play ice hockey. As coaches, division directors, board members and parents, it is our responsibility to meet those responsibilities.

  • Kids Activities Offered

    Hockey,  Skating,  Sports Skills

  • Activity Age Range

    5 years to 17 years old

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