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Lee's School Of Dance

122 W Penn St
Butler, PA 16001
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  • Description - Lee's School Of Dance

    Dedicated to Dance and Theater, Lee's School of Dance proudly boasts the finest staff of teachers and choreographers devoted to creating and developing Dancers. Our goal is to train the student to be able to comprehend the excitement and beauty of communications and expression that is part of dancing. Dancing every day with constant supervision will make a stronger technique and better Dancer. The opportunity to study with a variety of teachers along with the opportunity to prepare themselves in all subjects builds the Dancers strength and will make a stronger candidate for those interested in auditioning for shows, pageants, scholarships, etc. We are dedicated to help the student find an enrichment of growth and substance even if she/he never Dances a step professionally.

  • Kids Activities Offered

    Dance,  Preschooler

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