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Marcia Sarosik Dance Studio

2107 James Ave
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
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  • Description - Marcia Sarosik Dance Studio

    The Marcia Sarosik Dance Studio is committed to a quality dance and performing arts education for all students. Our approach to learning is POSITIVE. We encourage all students to strive to improve themselves as individuals while they also learn to work with fellow dancers in the class and performance setting. WE BELIEVE EVERY DANCER IS A SHINING STAR! We take pride in the emphasis on education and family atmosphere that surrounds the studio. The size of our studio allows us to offer many classes of varying levels so that the student can take the most ideal class for their age and ability. Our dancers are actively involved in the community, participating in performances for local service organizations and sponsoring fundraisers for victims of Diabetes, the Angora Fire and many others. At these events, the dancers not only get to demonstrate the dance skills, poise and self-confidence they've gained in class, they develop leadership, caring, respect for others and responsibility. Our dancers are known as Lake Tahoe's Shining Stars because they "shine" wherever they are performing, from professional stages to community events. WE BELIEVE EVERY DANCER IS A SHINING STAR!

  • Kids Activities Offered

    Dance,  Preschooler,  Toddler

  • Activity Age Range

    4 years, 6 months and up

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