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Midwest Fencing Academy

6100 N Cicero Ave.
Chicago, IL 60646
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    Whether you've known fencing only from the movies or you've been practicing for years, you are invited to join us! Midwest Fencing Academy is a professional fencing club serving the community in Chicago and the suburbs. We have several fencing programs, designed to meet the needs of our many different fencers. We are also working with schools and park districts to promote fencing among kids and adults in Chicagoland. Fencing is an excellent sport as much for the body as for the mind. It provides a great cardio workout, increases speed and reflexes, improves balance and agility. Fencing also teaches strategic thinking and tactical planning, because to win a bout you need not only your physical strength, but your wits as well. During the Renaissance the discipline took on the aura of high art. Today fencing is a modern Olympic sport that has evolved out of European schools of swordsmanship.

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