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  • Description - MONTANA KIDS YOGA

    Family Fun with Yoga (All Ages & Adult): Family Yoga was created as a way to bond with your family in a healthy, fun & safe way. Family Yoga classes were developed for laughing, loving & living. Each class focuses on postural alignment, poses for strength and flexibility and breathing techniques to calm or energize your body. We do this why engaging the children in pretend play and presenting material creatively. Adults learn to relax with their families and kids learn adults can have fun too. The focus is earning healthy habits through yoga games that you can take home! Mommy & Me Yoga (0-12 mos): Mommy & Me Yoga was designed for postnatal moms who are ready to regain their core strength. This classes recognizes the capabilities of the bond a mother and child have together, and is designed to strengthen that bond. Moms are asked to bring their babies to class with them. The focus here is to feed the bond by practicing specific breathing techniques, and to take back your body by doing simple exercises with the babies. Moms aren’t the only ones that can benefit from yoga, babies practice poses to relieve gas, help digestion, and aid in sleep and relaxation. Kids Yoga (3-12): Kids classes teach yoga through imaginative, FUN, pretend play. We tell interactive yoga stories about manners and anatomy, and develop that knowledge throughout our yoga practice. Kids enjoy learning about bones, muscles and manners when they are presented in fun yoga classes. Here they are encouraged to be creative and caring!

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    Baby,  Birthday Parties,  Preschooler,  Toddler,  Yoga

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    up to 12 years old

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