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Napa United

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Napa, CA 94558
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    The purpose of NYSL is to offer an opportunity for youth to have fun and to learn about the game of soccer by playing it. Not only players, but coaches, referees, parents, and other family members are also invited to focus on having fun and learning more about soccer. A certain level of competitive spirit is good, but it is everyone’s responsibility to keep the focus on learning and having fun. Each year, people are elected to positions on the NYSL Board of Directors. In addition there are appointed positions. Almost all of the people in these elected and appointed positions are parents or grandparents of players, just like you. While the emphasis is on organization and communication, please remember that our board members are all volunteers. And our number one priority is making sure players have the opportunity to have fun playing and learning about the great sport of soccer!

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    Day Camp,  Soccer,  Sports Skills,  Summer Camp

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