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Park & Play

6901 East Tudor Road
Anchorage, AK 99507
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  • Description - Park & Play

    Park & Play is a haven for kids and parents alike. We feature a large facility filled with toys to challenge kids bodies and minds, regardless of the weather outside. In , our carpeted playground is shoe-free. Socks are required for both kids and adults so that everyone leaves as clean as they arrive! We're also quite comfortable, we have (with ), soft , picnic tables and a bring-your-own-food policy (though you can also buy food, and drinks at our store). Park & Play values grown-ups as much as kids: we a small reading library, as well as a boutique, perfect for selecting last-minute gifts while your kids play. Park & Play is best suited for children 6 years old and younger. As a courtesy to all our guests, we ask that children exhibiting symptoms of contagious illness visit us only when they are well. Kids learn how their bodies work by using them. Park & Play is filled with toys and equipment that encourage skills like running and jumping, rocking and rolling, throwing and catching, and balancing. When a child steps into our facility, his eyes light up as he takes in the sunlit room and colorful play equipment, wondering, Where should I play first? How fast can I to the top of the rock wall? How high can I jump today? To an adult, these choices may not seem like much, but to a child, they are important milestones in his development. Park & Play is the perfect playground for to have a and safe environment where they can have fun and explore all year round. Parents can enjoy good grown-up conversations or connect to wi-fi while their children can climb, explore, hide, slide, read and play. It is not just fun, it is friendly and safe. If you're looking for a time-out for both you and the little ones please keep us in mind.

  • Kids Activities Offered

    Birthday Parties,  Indoor Park

  • Activity Age Range

    up to 6 years old

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