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R K Martial Sciences & Fitness

1325 Brown Trl
Bedford, TX 76022
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    RK Martial Sciencesᅠis proud to be the only school in the Dallas Fort Worth area that teaches Choy Li Ho Fut Hung Kung Fu, more commonly known as Kung Fu San Soo. Kung Fu San Soo is a martial art that developed in southern China over a thousand years ago. Time tested techniques and combinations of punches, kicks, and blocks are delivered in perfect rhythm to vital points of the body. The techniques can be dynamically changed to suit any situation. Martial arts were created for combat. Kung Fu San Soo maintains that purpose and philosophy. RK Martial Sciences and Fitness is committed the highest levels of safe and professional instruction in Kung Fu San Soo. We believe it to be the most effective form of self-defense in existence today.Our students are taught fighting is an ugly act and the physical application of Kung Fu San Soo techniques is the absolute last resort for conflict resolution and self-defense. The best fight won is that which was prevented from happening. Kung Fu San Soo is a serious, real life, science-based street survival training. From their very first class, our students are taught these skills are intended only for the purpose of living safely, and to do so with the legitimate confidence this knowledge imparts. Our training is safe and suitable for anyone regardless of physical aptitude or age.

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