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Rainier Ballet Academy

4575 NE 4th St # S3
Renton, WA 98059
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  • Description - Rainier Ballet Academy

    Mommy & Me: Don't let the title of the class fool you, it's not just for Mommies. Aunts, fathers, grandparents, uncles...bring a grin and get ready to participate in your toddler's growth in coordination through dance and basic movements. We "set the stage" for your toddler's educational enjoyment with fun and familiar childhood music, games, toys, and activities. Cross-body and full-body motions combined with rhythm and cued activity have been proven to activate our neural systems in special ways. Enjoy these benefits along with an ear-to-ear grim on your toddler's face as you explore dance together! Creative Movement/Pre-Ballet: Creative Movement /Pre-Ballet classes will be a fun introductory class to dance and movement vocabulary. With the aide of children's dance music, games and musical props, these toddlers will be movin' and groovin' in no time! Class exercises will be done as a group or with partners. This class will focus on the basic of dance: pathways, space, shapes, and rhythm. Lesson plans will come directly from Anne Green Gilbert's books & videos- Creative Dance for All Ages. Children's Combination Ballet/Tap or Ballet/Jazz or Jazz/Hip Hop: We capture your child's attention with the irresistible glitz of classic tap or the spunky fun of jazz movements during the first halves of these two-in-one classes, while the second halves focus on ballet technique. Dance games and storytelling make learning basic ballet positions fun and memorable. Students will pick up confidence and independence while learning how to dance individually and as a group. Your little dancer will develop the style, poise, and grace of ballet through one-on-one instruction that is sure to serve no matter what area of dance is chosen next. Either class is sure to improve coordination and give your dancer an idea of what type of dance she or he might like to specialize in.

  • Kids Activities Offered

    Birthday Parties,  Dance,  Preschooler

  • Activity Age Range

    2 years, 6 months and up

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