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Soccer Shots

5000 East Alameda Avenue
Denver, CO 80201
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  • Description - Soccer Shots

    There is a purpose and a reason for everything we do at Soccer Shots all of which comes directly from our own love of soccer. We have a deep appreciation for the positive character traits we've developed through participation in the game. Our commitment to excellence, quality, and safety are considered when selecting directors and instructors updating national curriculum and program training materials. All Soccer Shots participants are treated with dignity, respect, and care and are expected to treat each other the same way. Sportsmanship, teamwork, good attitudes, obedience, and understanding of the concepts and rules of soccer take precedence over competition and winning. Our mission is to provide your child with creative, simple play activities which will enable your child to exercise and have fun with the world's most popular game: soccer! Several professional soccer players who had extensive youth soccer coaching experience first developed the Soccer Shots curriculum nearly fifteen years ago. The curriculum places a high emphasis on both character development and soccer skill development. The curriculum is constantly being adjusted and perfected and has been proven successful on thousands of children throughout the United States. Soccer Shots sessions are age-appropriate and are led by trained Soccer Shots instructors. Each 30 to 40 minute weekly session is held at your daycare or preschool site. The primary objective of each session is to creatively introduce your child to the sport of soccer. Character development, physical development, and fun are guaranteed in this exciting program. Soccer Shots currently offers weekly soccer sessions at day care centers, preschools, elementary schools, and neighborhood parks at select locations in the Denver metro area.

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    Preschooler,  Soccer,  Sports Skills

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