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Starfire Sports

14800 Starfire Way
Tukwila, WA 98188
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  • Description - Starfire Sports

    Our mission is to inspire, encourage and empower youth through participation in sports. Starfire Sports will provide world-class, inclusive facilities where all youth will be welcome as equal participants while they develop as leaders and responsible citizens in their community. Starfire student-athletes will strive for excellence in sports, within the greater context of striving for excellence as people, by practicing honesty, integrity, teamwork and commitment to education, family and community. Starfire Sports is a Washington State non-profit corporation and is designated as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization by the IRS. We are operators of a 54-acre athletic facility at Fort Dent Park, just minutes from Seattle in Tukwila, Washington. We are dedicated to combining inclusiveness with access to world class sports facilities. Through raising their own children as soccer players, the founders of Starfire Sports noticed a trend in the world of youth sports; Top facilities were used almost exclusively by players from middle and upper-class families. Diversity of participants was extremely limited and out of proportion with the diversity of the communities. This was a simple reality of economic demographics and the relative cost of facilities, equipment and participation. Starfire’s founders believed it was possible to change that reality. To our knowledge, Starfire Sports is the only facility devoted specifically to this purpose. Our vision goes beyond providing unique and equal sports opportunities for youth. We are working to make Starfire Sports a place for academic pursuit and safe social interaction, as well. Studies have shown that after-school hours, from three to six in the afternoon, represent a pivotal time for children. By far the greatest percentage of high-risk behaviors, such as substance abuse, juvenile crime and teen pregnancy, take place during these hours after school and before many parents return from work. With the addition of the Starfire Learning Center in 2006, we will invite kids to be here during these hours even if they are not playing or practicing. Whether it is sports, study or socializing that brings them to Starfire, they will be in a safe and engaging environment that provides an alternative to high-risk behavior.

  • Kids Activities Offered

    Soccer,  Sports Skills

  • Activity Age Range

    5 years to 18 years old

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