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State Street Academy Of Music

110 State St
Harrisburg, PA 17101
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    The State Street Academy of Music at St. Lawrence is a community-based, secular, grassroots organization that works with children and youth, including those at risk and disadvantaged due to such factors as poverty, poor health, illiteracy or insufficient educational and cultural opportunities. The program will develop an intensive music education program which will introduce children and teens to the wonders and joys of music, help them develop their talent, and open doors for them to new opportunities in education and life. The Academy will provide instruction in a full range of musical activities, including instrument lessons, performing ensembles, music theory, and music history. Music is the universal language that establishes a common bond among all subjects and people. It evokes emotions in the heart and rekindles vibrant memories of the mind. Music education will expand children's knowledge in a variety of subjects, improve their test scores and release the human spirit. In the sometimes harsh reality of limited time and funding for instruction, however, the inclusion of the arts in every student's education can sometimes be relegated to a distant wish rather than an exciting reality. Your contribution to the Academy will enable a child to become and experience things she or he only once imagined, surrounded by the quiet beauty of the historic St. Lawrence Chapel.

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    up to 6 years old

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