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Stuart School Of Music

1608 S Kanner Hwy
Stuart, FL 34994
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    Renovations that took place this summer transformed our wonderful facility into a state-of-the-art school with an emphasis on both teacher and student comfort.ᅠᅠ Energy conserving changes and practices will reduce our carbon footprint and help us also to be part of an ongoing educational process teaching students of all ages to Live Lightly Upon The Earth!ᅠᅠ We propose to make our facility a near net-zero energy building by producing most, if not all, of our electrical needs with energy from the Sun!ᅠᅠ Photovoltaics, increased insulation, high efficiency HVAC, and insulated windows and doors are just some of the changes which meet or exceed the Florida Green Building Coalition standards. ᅠᅠ The Greenest Building that you can create is the one that's already built!

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