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Thomaston Yoga Studio

185 Main Street
Thomaston, ME 04861
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  • Description - Thomaston Yoga Studio

    Prema is a certified YogaKids™ Facilitator & Trainer - offers classes for children ages 3-6 and 7-12 and workshops for parents, teachers, and therapists. YogaKids™ the premiere yoga program for kids - recreates traditional yoga techniques and poses in fun and educational ways. Classes incorporate unique 14 elements to reach a variety of learning styles based on the multiple intelligences work of Howard Gardner. Reading, storytelling, music, creative arts, science, and earthcare blend seamlessly with yoga poses to educate the whole child, ages 3 through teen. YogaKids classes set the stage for a lifetime of fitness, fun, and feeling great. Yoga for the Special Child - appropriate for children with developmental disabilities including: Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy & Autism Spectrum Disorders.

  • Kids Activities Offered

    Special Needs,  Yoga

  • Activity Age Range

    3 years to 12 years old

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