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Wheatland Athletic Association

2323 Liberty Street
Aurora, IL 60502
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  • Description - Wheatland Athletic Association

    Wheatland Athletic Association (WAA) fields over 400 teams with over 2,500 participants in their Spring and Fall recreation soccer leagues for each season. The program is made up of boys and girls from kindergarten to 9th grade. Teams are formed by school and subdivision. Grades 1st thru 9th play a six-game spring season and an eight-game fall season. Our kindergarten program consists of a six-week schedule in the fall and spring. Soccer pictures are taken during the fall season only. Kindergarteners will be assigned to one of four sites throughout the district. Each site will have approximately 10 teams with a maximum roster of 10 children and a trainer. The first three weeks, the child will learn soccer skills from the trainer. The final three weeks, the teams will play small-sided games an hour in duration.

  • Kids Activities Offered

    Soccer,  Sports Skills

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