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Young Dance

3321 15th Ave So.
Minneapolis, MN 55407
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  • Description - Young Dance

    For twenty years, Young Dance has offered a place for youth in our community to build body and spirit through the creative expression of dance. In the process of making dances, Young Dancers learn how to take an idea and make it into something. They learn how to participate in an ensemble, take risks, partner, lead, and listen. We provide young people the opportunity for artistic expression, for achievement of high quality performance, and for appreciation of cultural and artistic diversity. In addition to teaching modern dance technique, we also teach our students the creative process of making dances. Young Dance is unique because dancers are encouraged to develop their own individual choreographic voice. Workshops in other art forms such as improvisational theater, puppetry, creative writing and visual arts broaden the creative experience - resulting in dancers who are not only moving bodies in space, but also thinking artists.

  • Kids Activities Offered

    Preschooler,  Toddler

  • Activity Age Range

    up to 1 year, 18 months old

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